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Date: August 03, 2006
License: Free To Try $49
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Author: META Innovation

Publisher's Description

Learn to type in less than 6 hours.
TypeSmart is the only typing tutor that uses Direct Reach. Home Keys is for typewriters, whereas Direct Reach is specifically designed for computers. This halves the time needed to learn to type, and makes reaching the keys so much easier that the risk of pain or discomfort is significantly reduced.
Basic Key-Finger Group skills can be learned in 60-90 minutes.
No nonsense drills. All sessions are based on frequently used real words and syllables.

You are always given positive reinforcement for what you do right! (No beeps for getting it wrong).
Do the interactive quiz to help you determine your goals and optimum learning path.
Build your skills. Progress easily from syllables and words to phrases and sentences.

See your progress instantly. Follow your progress with the Benchmark feature.
Accelerated Learning. Use typeSmart’s euphonic feedback and total positive reinforcement to fast-track your skills. The multi-modal interface includes the option of spoken lessons.
Increase personal efficiency. Doubling your typing speed is just the start.
Concentrate on your thoughts, not your fingers. The real gains come when you no longer have to look at the keyboard and can concentrate on what really counts, your thoughts and your work.

Increase work satisfaction. When typing and keyboard use is no longer an impediment to getting your work done, and your thoughts appear easily on the computer monitor, watch your satisfaction and productivity soar.

Protect your health. Learn how to improve posture and habits. Clear, easy-to-follow diagrams of correct posture and lighting are provided.
TypeSmart is used in many schools, colleges, universities and government organizations.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of typeSmart Typing Tutor at theteam@type-smart.com for any additional information.