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Date: December 14, 2004

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My Star World - Star Duo Description

My Star World - Star Duo Free Download.

Produce your own horoscope interpretations as well as horoscopes for your friends and family plus 100's of celebrity horoscopes.

Star Horoscope: Individual character and life potentials. Every report includes a Birth Chart and comprehensive interpretations for all the planets of your horoscope detailing the following:
Personality; Willpower; What you value most; Communication skills; Home life and Security; Creativity; Work and health; Relationships; Use of resources; Travel and philosophy; Achievements; Friendships and associations; Spirituality and inner strength.

Plus an introduction to Astrology as well keys to all astrological terms.
Each interpretation is approximately 25 pages.

Star Future: Your personal trends for the year ahead. Lets you know in advance the important developments, helping you know the best time to consolidate your position and when to move ahead with the following:
Challenges you might have to face.
Opportunities that you do not want to miss.
Anticipating important events.
When your intuitive skills are at their best.
When you are likely to undergo major changes in your life.
Each interpretation is approximately 15 pages.

ACS World Atlas look-ups: Coordinates and time zones for over quarter of a million cities and hospitals. Recognizes newly formed countries as well as old names. All new European time zones included. Displays counties — for example there are four cities called Windsor in Canada, county information makes it much easier to select the correct city.

Coordinates for almost any city in the world, including all major hospitals.
Correct time zones for every location and date.
Complete integration allows instant lookup of cities from any My Star World Software program.

Eight House systems: The three most commonly used systems Placidus, Koch, Equal, plus Regiomontanus, Campanus, Topocentric, Porphyry, Alcabitius.

Sample reports on website.

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