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Date: January 01, 2006


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MAKEUP FX BIBLE Free Download.

MAKEUP FX BIBLEâ„¢ is a learning resource for persons of performing art and entertainment, theatre, independent and amateur films, fight/gore/horror-enthusiasts, live action role-players, and stage, Indy, and backyard wrestling, and other entertainment venues.

Readers will learn the basis to makeup application, the anatomy of the face, makeup techniques, how to make costumes and costume ideas, how to host Halloween parties, carving pumpkins, ghost stories, trick 'er treating tips and safety, food recipes, Halloween crafts and decorations, how to haunt a house, magic tricks, how to make a movie, how to use the camera and tips, how to write scripts and tips, sound effects, how to begin and maintain their own stage wrestling promotion, stage a wrestling match, or stage a fight, as well as instructions and recipes for enhancing their character, ranging from makeup to breakaways to fake weapons, props, and other special effects. It is a compilation of research by Kelcey Coeâ„¢ over the past 9 years and provides ONLY the best recipes, and ideas not yet attempted, ever concerning eXtreme entertainment secrets.

Everyone else will benefit from these instructions also because they can learn many stunts and props for their films or performances, as well as in learning how to make their own makeup and several fake blood recipes! No matter your interests, MAKEUP FX BIBLEâ„¢ has what you seek!

MAKEUP FX BIBLE keywords: halloween, wrestling, haunted houses, movie-making, fight, live action roleplaying makeup, do-it-yourself, how to make, monster, monsters, wild, side, productions, movies, wrestling, special effects

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