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Date: July 18, 2005


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Telepathy Description

Telepathy Free Download.

Learn Telepathy- you will learn telepathy in 3 months. This unique software has been developed and tested by scientists. After 80 trainings 64% of respondents have achieved success rate more than 65%. Now most of them can 'read' thoughts and guess cards while playing poker.

Before and after the training course each participant has been tested with using of Zener cards. It is interesting, that this experiment supposes visual telepathic communication, while Learn Telepathy is based on the lexical one. However, those who have succeeded in the Learn Telepathy testing have had excellent results in the experiment with using of Zener cards. 60% of them have guessed 10 cards and more out of 30 trials with 5 cards, while average probability of this fact is between 1% and 5%.

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