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Date: January 10, 2006

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Author: BondarSoft

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GenealogMap Description

GenealogMap Free Download.

GenealogMap is an easy-to-use genealogy program with a flexible user interface, visualrepresentations, and publishing and web site creation features. The process of creating agenealogical map is a visual experience. You simply "draw" the area corresponding toinformation on your relatives. A wizard-like dialog guides you through the process ofgathering the genealogical information on each person in a step-by-step manner.

The genealogical map allows you to represent genealogical information as a context map thatis displayed in pseudo-relief. The genealogical map is a multilevel hierarchy of elements ona single plane.

Each element of the map (the city, the date or any other information) can be bound to itsown map. It is also possible to go from one map to another when viewing, similar to usinglinks in Internet pages. The possibility to link any element with its own map allows you toview the same information from various perspectives. Objects may have photos and URLreferences to Internet pages. And, the genealogical maps can be printed.

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