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Date: February 24, 2006

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ViaSchool Description

ViaSchool Free Download.

Via School is an online accessible internet application used by students, teachers and parents/guardians in schools and at home to help progress in school. This program enables students to upload homework onto Via School which can later be accessed from a different location by a teacher who will grade the assignment. Via School is installed separate to each school/district assuring no information is accessed by unknown users.

Via School is also used by teachers to reduce double entries for marks on tests and assignments. Teachers can mark tests and assignments from home as well as add new assignments and homework for the next day all at home. Via School, and gives secretaries the easiest way to enter late days for students, unexcused absences, detentions, and student behavior.
Parents/guardians can monitor there child's school progress such as there attendance, report card, and class averages right at the convenience of home or even at work.

Student attendance reports allow parents to make sure there child made it safely to school within only 15 minutes of the class starting. This is great for parents who may be at work. Teachers enter at the beginning of a class whether or not a student is present for that class. Parents will also no longer have to wait for report card day to see marks and find out there child is to far behind to catch up. This is a great feature for students reaching for honor roll. With the Via School parents or guardians can see the progress of the student all through the semester from start to finish never missing a single day!

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