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Author: Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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FREE Martial Arts Ebook Tae Su Jutsu System 9th Rank White Sash Description

FREE Martial Arts Ebook Tae Su Jutsu System 9th Rank White Sash Free Download.

This is a system strictly for self defense, and not like some schools or systems, where they also teach sport. Sport passed off s self defense is a dangerous thing.

Self defense should be strictly for the street. Therefore, there should not be any sport techniques in it. Tae Su Jutsu has one thing in mind, to prepare the student to defend their lives if they have to.

We do not compete in tournaments, and the fighting we do is as realistic as possible, including what is called the what if situations, where a person may attack you at any time, and you must defend. Tae Su Jutsu, is also a science of the body, so it goes into much more explanation of muscles used, and how they work to enhance the technique.

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