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Date: December 04, 2014

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Girl Hunt Video Game Description

Girl Hunt Video Game Free Download.

The Girl Hunt Story In 2005, Max Rush was just a geek computer programmer that worked for the National Security Agency in Washington, DC.

His only claim to fame was that he got a perfect score on his Scholastic Aptitude Test. Frustrated with his job at the National Security Agency, Max designed an algorithm that enabled him to identify patterns in lottery numbers over time.

On December 19, 2009, Max won $100 million from the Powerball Lottery using his algorithm. Armed with $100 million, Max set out to reinvent himself. Max got new clothes, bought a new red Ferrari and bought penthouses in New York and Miami.

However, there was one problem, with all the money and material things, Max had no game when it came to girls. Basically, Max was flat out scared to talk to girls.

So Max being the quintessential geek at heart, decided to used his software programming skills to solve his problem and immediately started developing his own interactive video game in order to help him to learn how to meet girls.

Max played his video game every day for three months to try to improve his social skills around girls.

When it was time for him to test his skills with real girls, he headed to the place where some of the most beautiful girls in the world are located, South Beach, Florida. Max started going out to bars and clubs in South Beach and sure enough, all the stills he learned from his video game immediately kicked in.

Now meeting beautiful girls was like taking candy from a baby for Max. Everywhere he went, he ended up meeting and dating beautiful girls.

The video game stayed on Maxs laptop until one day, things took a drastic turn for the worst.

While on vacation in Thailand, Max was partying with some sexy girls from Bangkok that he had met in one of the hottest Bangkok clubs. Max and the girls went back to his penthouse hotel to continue the party. One of the girls Max was partying with stole his laptop. She then sold the laptop to a gangster name Jack Chang.

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