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Date: March 24, 2010


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MB Zodiac Warrior Sign Description

MB Zodiac Warrior Sign Free Download.

MB Free Zodiac Warrior Sign describes your characteristics based on the placement of Pallas in your birth chart. Pallas is an asteroid which is considered to be the symbol of War.

This sign describes your pattern recognition and problem solving skills and how you react in adverse situations. MB Free Zodiac Warrior Sign describes your characteristics based on the placement of Pallas in your birth chart.

Along with the sun sign and moon sign, the warrior sign also helps you understand yourself better. Astrologically planets and some asteroids are said to be responsible for different aspects of our personality. In mythology Pallas was known as Athena, the daughter of Zeus and the Goddess of Wisdom.

This sign is symbolic of problem solving abilities, healing by making and effort, intelligence and wisdom.

This sign gives us the courage to fight our battles and make our weaknesses into our strengths. It shows how resourceful we can be in surviving catastrophes.

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