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Date: April 26, 2010

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Lesson Blocks Description

Lesson Blocks Free Download.

I....Easily build or choose online modular workbooks from our online library. Workbooks can consist of movies, audio, or text followed by a short test.

II...Insert (one time) multiple class lists that contain each student's name and e-mail address. Next, schedule each workbook lesson needed for each class using the easy pull-down menu options.

III..Students receive assignments each day through e-mail. Their workbooks are graded automatically and you can instantly view the results.

We want our web site to be the one that teachers like you count on when you are struggling to construct your lesson plans.

By sharing some of your lesson plans with those we've already accumulated from other teachers, you help our library grow. When you browse through the library you might find that perfect lesson you want to share with your class.

All you need to do is add the "Lesson Blocks Assignment Number" to your "Schedule" menu page and the rest is automatic. Your students log-in to their e-mail each day to receive their assignments. After they complete their work a short test is given to assure they understand the material.

All tests are graded automatically and added to the "Grading" menu page which you can display at any time to see the results.

Regarding the lesson plans you've already created, you choose which ones to share in our public lessons library.

Any lesson plans you want to remain private will remain private, such as lessons you've designed for your special teaching style. These may consist of notes to yourself, lecture material, etc. that you typically already have in your lesson plans.

Generally, the lessons you share can be compared to a self contained workbook study guide complete with tests. These study guides may consist of standard text (reading material), graphic pictures, audio files and video files.

It is up to you to decide which elements you include in your study guide lesson plans

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