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Date: October 09, 2009


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Author: Ulices Information Systems, LLC

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Chore Smile Description

Chore Smile Free Download.

FAMILY CHORES - A COOL SPORT No more nagging! Get things done without constant reminders. Yes, it's easy!

Smiley Chores is not a mere chore list or chore chart. It is about incentives, motivation & recognition.

It encourages a healthy sense of competition and features job approvals, rewards and public recognition for a job well done.

Smiley Chores converts chores into a playful competition and provides public recognition of jobs well done. It rewards completed chores in a meaningful way.

Public recognition of what the kids do reassures them of not passing unnoticed.

Incentives and motivation did the trick in our family.

CHORE NETWORK & TRADING Join the many smiling families. Invite your friends & neighbors and create your own chore community.

Exchange messages, share and trade chores with members of your chore network. "Pay it forward" to somebody in your community and earn even more Smiley Points.

QUICK & EASY FOR EVERYONE Organize your house chores in a cool way: On the Web! No need for software installation, sticky notes or chore charts. Smiley Chores keeps track of jobs, scores and winners.

With only a few mouse-clicks set up your family team and start the fun competition.

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