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Version: 2.50   (version history)
Date: July 16, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: Gary Nugent

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LunarPhase Description

LunarPhase Free Download.

LunarPhase displays a wide range of information about the moon and graphically displays the current phase of the moon in real time.

LunarPhase displays the following information: the times and dates of the major lunar phases for the month, the illuminated fraction of the lunar disk as a percentage, the current age of the moon (since the last New Moon) and its distance from Earth, the real-time position of the moon in both RA/Dec and Alt/Az coordinates, the moon's parallax and its visible diameter (in arcminutes), the times and dates of the next Apogee and Perigee, the position angle of the moon's bright limb, the moon's phase angle, and the moon's rise, set and transit times.

The program also displays the real-time position of the Sun in Alt/Az and RA/Dec coordinates, and the Sun's rise, set and transit times. It also shows dates and and times of Equinoxes and Solstices for the selected year. Season durations are also displayed.

It also calculates and displays start and end times for civil, nautical and astronomical twilight.

You can print monthly calendars which include detailed moon information, and a tabular printout of all data.

LunarPhase also features a north/south hemisphere switch, a daylight savings time switch, and links to online lunar Web sites.

You can select any time during the day and can easily reset to the current date and time.

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