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Version: 5.01   (version history)
Date: April 05, 2001

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OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Rating: Rating: 5.0/5
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Author: Coeli Software Products

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Astronomy Suite 2000 Description

Astronomy Suite 2000 Free Download.

Coeli Stella 2000 is an astronomy suite that includes a full-featured planetarium, an observing log and list builder, Coeli Time Line (also known as Stella BC), a live ephemeris, location browser, and sophisticated searches embracing planets, comets, DSOs, and up to 300,000 stars. Planetarium effects include scintillation, extinction, refraction, and precession in point source, photo plate and spotlight display styles; and the complete Messier catalog in image icons. An integrated HTML guide to the solar system, a 1000-term astronomical dictionary, and the 2nd revised and enlarged edition of Aspects of Astronomy -- a book-length tutorial covering topics such as 'What are the Stars?', 'Choosing a Telescope', 'Cosmology', 'Dark Matter', 'Eclipses', and 'The History of Astronomy', to name but a few -- are included.

And now Stella talks and teaches aloud. - New with version 5.0 comes complete integration of Microsoft Agent speech technology, so that animated characters can guide you painlessly through the pronunciation of a myriad of arcane star names and lore, and even read aloud from Astrogloss and Aspects of Astronomy, not to mention offering that most immediate form of program help: spoken guidance.

Stella's Drag Mode brings complete plasticity into all your interactions with the planetarium display. Dragging the mouse auto-scrolls sky quadrants smoothly and quickly into view, centering the projection in the process. A drag-sensitivity adjustment is available from the Setup window. In addition Stella provides direct links to extensive DSO and planetary information on the Web, and these have also been incorporated into Reports and Coeli Solar Guide.

Auto-Search instantly updates readouts and reports on any object your mouse pointer scrolls over. Other features include a re-vamped Logbook, the 2nd Revised and Expanded Edition of Astrogloss A-Z, improved hyperlinking, and the ability to control your Meade ETX/LX200 telescope via ACP functions.

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