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Version: 2.75 PRO   (version history)
Date: January 11, 2005

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Author: Ironfist Software

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Ideal Partner Description

Ideal Partner Free Download.

The program Ideal Partner is an advanced multilingual easy to use, but powerful tool which lets to choose the Birth Day of a person, that is right for You in respect of your Marriage and Intimate relations. Result is a product of counting and comparing four basic biorhythms and comparing signs of the Zodiac. The program uses in its calculations the exact values of biorhythms calculated on the basis of the influence of the Moon upon the Earth.

Forget about searching for the information from different sources about your compatibility with someone else. All you need - add your name birthdate into person list and press one single button!

Besides, this software will provide you with a lots of additional information such as percentage of biorhythmic compatibility, detailed information about Zodiac signs compatibility and more. Ideal Partner already comes with the big person list which contains birthdays and names of celebrities.

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