Advanced GPS AGPS for Microsoft Map Point US Free Download

Version: 2.2   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Advanced GPS AGPS for Microsoft Map Point US Description

Advanced GPS AGPS for Microsoft Map Point US Free Download.

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Feature Summary 

Additional features in the Version 2.2.x for MapPoint 2002

re-calculate route when you off-track
sensitive (ETA or distance based)  Driving Assistant (please
read how
to use? for version 2.x) 

Visual and audio warning with Text-To-Speech enabled driving direction speak out.

The Driving Assistant now works
for multiple waypoints with Guidance Manager, completely get around a bug in MapPoint2002
that causes error driving directions when a route contains multiple waypoints..
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the destination with given
current GPS time and location
Zoom-in and zoom-out shortcut keys. (Z/X)
heading (compass heading) display (very accurate till 2005AC, somewhat
accurate after 2005AC, or wait for a new version after 2005AC)
tracking current position on the map instead of by refresh/redraw
rate. (how to set it?)
Zodiac GPS
chipset v 2.x support (Zodiac with NMEA extension)  View
Known GPSs Not Supported by AGPS

Version 1.1.x for MapPoint 2001

GPS refresh rate.  Either time interval driven or GPS data
driven (PII-233Mhz and up for GPS driven)
  'Route from current GPS
position' (click on the compass or press
Capture NMEA183 data from GPS to a file and playback/pause NMEA183 data as
it's from a GPS
Display Average
Ground Speed, Elevation, Location in the selectable unit
Display speed in Mph, Kmh or
Knots, elevation in meter or feet.  Can switch the display unit on the
Information: a compass, current
location with heading
Time (Atomic clock) with one-click to sync the system time with GPS
State and Satellite View
displays the satellite positions in the sky and the detailed
reception information.
Trail to plot a trace on the map with advanced pushpin notes. (enhanced
feature in version 2.x)
a pin" in the compass menu for people just want to lay a
push pin on the current location.
 Raw CSV
trace note output format option (see FAQ for
how to export to the database)
Intuitive design with shift-less, Alt-less shortcut keys

and  tool tips hint

Start AGPS when MapPoint starts if you left AGPS opened while you
shutdown MapPoint last time.
track current position on the map (v 1.x only)

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