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Version: 1.0b   (version history)
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Date: January 26, 2002
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UDService v. 1.0b

1. What is it?
UDService is a simple but very useful program developed specifically for the
United Devices Agent program. It allows to run UD Agent as a service, and may
set UD Agent's priority.
2. How does it work?
After you install this program, it will show an options dialog, where you
may select the location of UD Agent, priority and the name of main process.
This is important, because main computations are performed by ud_ligfit_relea.exe
process, not ud.exe. After you click "OK", the program will write the selected
options to the registry. If you click "Exit", the program will use the default
options. Now, after the service is installed, open the system Services applet
and start the service named "UD service". Alternatively, you may run the second
program, called UDSettings, from which you can start, restart and stop the service
and change its settings. In all cas

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