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Date: January 20, 2007

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Author: Uranisoft

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Gravity Description

Gravity Free Download.

Gravity is a program to simulate the path of move for bodies (i.e. objects with mass) altered by the gravity drive between each other, i.e. a gravity simulator.

By using this program, gravitational attraction may be better learned. From the simplest orbit to complicated galaxy crashes, there is a wide variety of motions by gravity.

On simulating the motion of two bodies, it is conspicuous to model the elliptic orbit around each other's mass center of the Sun and the Earth or the path of a rocket as leaving the Earth with the speed of escape or the see-saw maneuver of a space probe, when gaining speed (kinetic energy) from a planet.

By modeling multiple bodies, you may observe the perturbance of planets interfering with each other, ejecting a body from the system or when a planet capturing a body that arrives from the outside and making it a satellite of its own.

As a fundamental physical phenomenon, gravity is on curriculum at elementary and secondary schools and at vocational higher schools, thus it is an aid for both pupils and teachers, when they can see orbital paths in addition to imaging them. Sitting before the computer, a process that lasts effectively for years may take place in a few seconds, the Kepler's and Newton's law are understood in a shorter time.

Gravity is proposed to schools, teachers, students, undergraduates in physics and anyone interested in natural sciences, physics or to those just like spectacular programs.

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