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Date: March 04, 2005

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Exploring Nanotechnology Description

Exploring Nanotechnology Free Download.

Exploring Nanotechnology, the only multimedia CD-ROM encyclopedia in the field, was conceived to provide an understanding of nanotechnology and its implications. Containing extremely intuitive multimedia explanations of the concepts, technological processes and applications of nanotechnology, summary charts show the major players associated with each concept along with the references necessary for further insight.

The encyclopedia is destined for a worldwide audience of: industrialists, technology analysts and decision makers looking for an insight into tomorrow; scientists trying to cope with the inherent interdisciplinarity of a field; students and the general public looking for a highly intuitive presentation of nanotechnology.

Exploring Nanotechnology represents the fruition of the cooperation between more than 200 scientific groups active in the field. It includes snapshots of real-life research from the most active laboratories as well as multimedia presentations of the main players. Topics from the content: Nanostructures. Nanofabrication. Instruments. Applications.

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