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Version: 2007   (version history)
Date: July 19, 2006

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Author: Myosotic, LLC

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SignaPoint Description

SignaPoint Free Download.

Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 provides the ideal environment to analyze biological signals individually or in a group. The key features of SignaPoint 2007 are:

• Easy to learn and extremely easy to use.
• Analyze multiple bio-signals at once.
• More than 20 signal analysis functions.
• Export results to other applications.

Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 is designed for professionals in the areas of biological signals analysis, electromyography, academia, athletic medicine, and ergonomics . Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 provides the ideal environment to analyze biological signals individually or in a group.

SignaPoint 2007 supports 22 signal analysis functions such as Mean, RMS, Pathway, Power Spectrum, and Polynomial Fit among others. SignaPoint's intuitive, clean, and crisp user interface eases the steep learning curve of bio-signals analysis and creates an approachable and get-it-done experience for a much wider customer base than any other such application in the past.

Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 works with signal files in the ASCII format. Supported file formats are .CSV (Comma delimited format) as well as any other file format containing ASCII data.

When compared to other products in the market such as Delsys or Matlab, Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 is much easier to understand while also offering in-depth signal analysis. Various colleges and universities could put SignaPoint 2007 to good use in their Biology and Engineering classes. Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 could become a useful application in signal processing lab classes where easy to understand signal analysis is taught.

Myosotic SignaPoint 2007 supports signal analysis with two cursors. The two cursors are designated as Red and Blue. The two cursors may be attached to any of the signals in the analyzed ASCII file. There is no upper time limit of how long the analyzed signal may be or how many signals may be displayed and analyzed at the same time.

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