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Date: November 30, 2014


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Author: Magic Speed Reading

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Shultc table - notice changing Description

Shultc table - notice changing Free Download.

First left click on the red Go arrow in the lower right corner of this window and the Shultz Table will appear.

Your main strategy is to softly look at the red dot in the center of the table and continue to see this central point while at the same time noticing all other numbers. Left click with your mouse on the red dot at the center of the screen. One number will change. Try to notice which number changed and left click on it with your mouse.

If you selected the correct number, a green circle will appear around the central red dot. If you made an incorrect selection, a red circle will appear around the central red dot.

To continue play, left click with your mouse on the red dot again making sure that the tip of the selection arrow is directly on the red dot. If you do not notice a change when you clicked on the red dot, softly refocus on it and left click again.

This training increases peripheral vision and assists you in raising the velocity of your reading to a speed reading level.

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