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Date: May 04, 2005


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Dhaatu:The Periodic Table of Elements Description

Dhaatu:The Periodic Table of Elements Free Download.

Get vast information regarding all the elements of the modern Periodic Table. Download this one and youll never find yourself short of information about the elements that make this universe.

This Periodic Table contains the following information about the 112 elements known to man.* Name * Symbol * Atomic Number * Atomic Weight * 1st Ionization potential * 2nd Ionization potential

* Electronegativity * Atomic Radius * Boiling Point * Melting Point * Electronic configuration * Density * Discoverer * Year of discovery

Also available * Molecular Weight Calculator * Custom Graphs * Custom Search * Periodic Table Wallpaper * Individual Notes

* Chemical Properties and applications of each of the 112 elements and much more...

All in all, information at your fingertips.

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