MxCalc 15c RPN Scientific Calculator WM Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: October 12, 2007

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Author: 3GR Technologies

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MxCalc 15c RPN Scientific Calculator WM Description

MxCalc 15c RPN Scientific Calculator WM Free Download.

The best Scientific & Engineering RPN calculator software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Support for Complex numbers, Matrices, Statistical calculations, Trignometry, Integration, Solving equations & Basic arithmetic. ~ Looks as good as the HP-15c ~ Performs as good as the HP-15c and more .. A set of scientific & engineering functions, support for complex numbers, matrices & basic arithmetic.Esoteric features include transcendental functions &matrix operations.. Features

RPN Mode Calculator.

Programmable. KeyStroke programming- 499 Steps.

Hundreds of built-in functions.

Full Screen & Quick Stack Display.

Basic Mathematical calculations.

Advanced Mathematical calculations.

Complex number calculations.

Matrix operations.

Trigonometric functions.

Hyperbolic Trigonometry.

Combinations and Permutations.

Polar Rectangular conversions.

Time conversions.

Angle conversions.

Solver / Root finder.

Definite Integration and more ....

Also available MxCalc SE- The Decisive Calculator, MxCalc 12c, MxCalc 10BII & EngCalc - Engineering calculators.

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