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Date: March 27, 2009

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Smart Poker Bot Description

Smart Poker Bot Free Download.

Smart Poker Bot is an automated poker-playing software ( Poker Bot ) designed for playing Online Texas Hold'em Poker. The Poker Bot works with ring games, Sit-N-Go's, or Tournaments.

Imagine a system that requires no rule-sets or programming, but instead can learn incrementally, automatically taking into account all of the available information. That's the Smart Poker Bot Decision Engine. This highly advanced poker bot software mathematically models human decision-making based on their playing style.

Smart Poker Bot will never get tired, or lose concentration.

Smart Poker Bot collects information from several sources including your hole cards, table position and your opponents actions.

The data is stored in a neural network that predicts the hand strengths of your opponents! And then determines the best course of action, once it is your turn based on ALL the information available including the actions made in the current round of betting.

It does NOT use a scripted playing profile that does the same thing over and over It makes adjustments in real time based on all the actions of the players you are sitting with.

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