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Version: 1.04   (version history)
Date: May 15, 2000

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OS: Windows
Rating: Rating: 5.0/5
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Texelware AB

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Let's Dogfight! Description

Let's Dogfight! Free Download.

Let's Dogfight! is an arcade flight simulation game designed for fun single- or multi-player dogfight action.

Let's Dogfight! is an arcade dogfight simulation and combat game in the classic World War I style. It is more fun than historically correct, designed to allow a single player to fight computer-controlled planes, or many players to join a multiplayer dogfight over a very large landscape. You shoot at other planes and you are shot at as well.

In single player mode there are computer-controlled planes, which do not fight each other, they only fight you. In multiplayer mode you will fight those players on the other teams. You take control of a base by bombing the hangars of the enemy base. If any team does not own a base then you can just land there to take control of it. When your plane is repaired, you get control over the base. There are also machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, and tanks that can belong to any team and fight all other team objects including planes.

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