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Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: July 22, 1998

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Rating: Rating: 5.0/5
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Author: Apogee Software, Ltd.

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Death Rally Description

Death Rally Free Download.

Death Rally is a top-down view, 3-D racing game with an attitude.

You start out from the bottom of the ranking list. Your objective is to earn money in the blitzkrieg-battle races, and fight hard for each precious championship point. Each race can be lethal, and while taking the curves as hard as you can, your fellow competitors are showering you in a constant hail of bullets. While the losers repair their cars and cover those bullet holes, the winner spends his hard earned money on new engines, tires or stronger armor. Shoot your way through screaming bystanders, pick up more ammo and turbo from the side of the track, and floor the pedal while performing some shady deals for The Dealer. No trick is too dirty when you're preparing for The Final Confrontation; only the hardest armor, the most powerful engine and the biggest guns will see you through the ultimate battle against The Adversary. Be sure to check out the underground market for some spiked bumpers, landmines, or rocket fuel to create some nasty accidents for the competition. And for all you 'clean racing' fanatics, the game also has a mode where you can race against time; so if don't want to see blood on a highway, you can disable weapons and try to beat all of those faster-than-light lap records. Supports network multiplaying for up to 4 players and serial or modem connection for 2 players.

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