Alice and the Golden Coins

Version: 1.0   (version history)
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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $5.99

Publisher's Description

Alice is a 13 year old little girl who lives in the countryside with her grandmother Tilba. Alice likes the life and spends her days having fun. But one day a terrible thing happened, Tilba is very sick. This unhappy old woman doesn't have enough money to look after herself.

One day while Alice explores in the woods, she meets the fairy Candice, who is bored and lazing in the beautiful sunshine. Seeing the sorrow of Alice, she proposes a game which will enable Alice to gain much money. Alice accepts, because if she wins, she will have enough money to look after her grandmother Tilba...

How far back does your game history go? Alice andthe golden coins is an amazing trip down memory lane to your childhood, just like Alice you to can experience the joys of instant gameplay, intuative controls and classy retro action as you help Alice collect enough cash to save her grandmother. It's all up to you, you are the only person who can help Alice in her quest.

If you hate violence in video games and fear for your menatl health after sitting killing people for hours. Or if you just fancy a game you can dip into in your lunch hour then Alice is here to help. Collecting coins has never been so much fun :)

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