xIncident: break of dimensions

Version: 1.05   (version history)
Size: 1794KB
Date: August 29, 2005
License: Free To Try $14
OS: Win 2000/XP
Author: AVS Games

Publisher's Description

This game is a shooter-scroller.
Your main goal is find a way to cope with various monsters and obstacles (such as laser arrays). Your hero has all arsenal for that, including up to four types of weapons and three – powerups. In this game last weapon is a not best weapon, because all weapons have some defects and advantages in other situations.

For example, weapon «pulse laser» has distant attack and great damage, but fully uneffective in melee battles; weapon «plasma thrower» can attack only at short range and so on. So choose weapon for each situation wisely and forget about «crash-kill-and-destroy» tactics.

To addition for that, in most cases to get access to next level your hero must complete different quests: find key items or/and disable some mechanisms. Also, some levels have secrets areas with useful items, such as medkits, ammo and other - explore levels carefully! Key features: · interesting gameplay · various tasks for each level, including secrets · great balanced weapons and powerups; no "superweapon" · different opponents, with final "boss" at the end · quality graphics and animation

xIncident: break of dimensions keywords: action, shooter, fps, tps, scroller, doom, quake, game

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