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This Earth is ruined with people, and every day it seems they make more of them to pack them in. With every new person comes either new laws or new wars to sort them all out.

They say I have to change, to make them happy. What about mine.

I am sick of this place and these rules. Every step I take has a law to regulate it. Every breath I breathe is either taxed or protested by someone else.

Phones, TV's, radios, mail, assault me at every turn all meant to connect me to strangers that don't even say hello when I walk down the street.

I am leaving. I am on a deep space mission to a new world. There are even more rules, more tests, more regulations, all to make sure that I am more enslaved than all. They think that I don't realize

what this deep space mission means. It is a chance at freedom.

I step off the lander and onto the surface. Screens from all over the Earth are trained upon me. Look at what this monkey is about to do they think. Look at what this chimp does. Plant the flag for

his country on cue. But out of my space suit pocket, I reach in and pull a secret thing, a different flag. My flag. "That's one small step for a man, and a lot of land for me". I say.

Then I say. "I claim this planet for myself, and all of you back on Earth can go to hell."

Independent keywords: independent, freedom, revolution, 3d, arcade, space, shoot, pod, midi, sound

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