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Date: July 27, 2010

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Ultimate WoW PvP Guide Description

Ultimate WoW PvP Guide Free Download.

Our PvP Strategies are Written and Designed by Top Rated Arena Players To Help You Get the Edge Over Your Opponents.

One of the super game master gurus, Dugi, has just created top-rated online WoW PvP Guide. Covering extensive 1vs1 strategies, effective use of tricks and Macro and 50 mins of Video Tutorials featuring the best PvP MOD available.

Ever find it frustrating navigating around an eBook PDF file? Our high speed interactive web site ensures easy navigation, so you find what you need FAST!

So, What is included in Dugi' Ultimate WoW PvP Strategies? -81 Detailed Match Up Strategies - Step-By-Step guide on how to beat every class with your character.

E.g. if your character class is Rogue this interacative guide will teach you how to fight Rogue vs Warrior, Rogue vs Shaman, Rogue vs Rogue and so on. - PvP Macro Guide - Good macro's are essential to winning, our macro guide is functional and easy to copy across into your game. - Recommended PvP MOD - If you don't know where to start with MODs, we will show you only the essential MODs to improve your PvP experience. - Over 60 Mins of PvP MOD Video Tutorial - These Video Tutorial guides are the best way to understand and get the most out of your PvP MOD.

PvP MOD Tutorial - Over 10 different tutorial of essential PvP add-ons.

Basic UI Configuration - Introduction to setting up your Action Bar.

Key binding Tutorial - How to setup your hot keys and action bar Using Focus target function & Macro Arena Map Guide - How to take advantage of Arena Maps.

Interactive Web site with Popup Tool tip- Every class skill, spell and talent is linked to provide you with an instant tool tip about it.

Class Strength and Weakness - We also include pages of your class strengths and weaknesses. This will give you a greater understanding of the strategies you can use to defeat all opponents.

Free Updates for WOLTK and Patch v3.x Get your copy of Ultimate WoW PvP guide now, it is time for revenge and glory!

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