Flying Heroes

Version: 1.10   (version history)
Size: 92.38 MB
Date: June 15, 2000
License: Free To Try
OS: Windows
Author: TalonSoft

Publisher's Description

Flying Heroes is an airborne combat game where magic meets aerial technology.

From time immemorial, the fantasy realm of Hesperia has been the spectacular location for the prestigious Hesperian League air tournament. The tournament is a demanding and electrifying battle of skill and determination between four rival clans: Sky Knights, Lizard Riders, Magion, and Hammercraft. Piloting a stunning array of flying craft including giant, majestic birds, huge reptiles with incredible wingspans, magic carpets and teapots, and enormous balloon-based machines made of wood and steel, each one packing an arsenal of impressive power, the clans embark on an explosive battle for supremacy. It is a challenge that only the bravest pilots undertake. Have you got what it takes to be master of the skies?

Flying Heroes is a real-time, first person, aerial combat game merging technology and classic high fantasy in an airborne fight for survival. Join combat against the nations of the world riding fantastic steeds and amazing aircraft - from the Sky Knights on their Deborean birds to the Hammercraft commanding their airships, and more. There are over twenty flying vehicles to choose from, all visibly upgradeable. From the defensive backwards somersault to the aggressive dive bomb, there are unique combination maneuvers to learn and master for maximum impact. You can play in single player career mode or multiplayer deathmatch over the Internet.

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