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Date: January 10, 2000

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OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Sparx Software

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Adventures of Blunko Description

Adventures of Blunko Free Download.

Adventures of Blunko is an arcade game in which you travel through the five elemental worlds to stop the monster Fentro from taking over the world.

The evil monster Fentro has stolen the five power stones of Shakra and has turned the natural forces of the Earth to evil. You must journey through each dangerous world to rid the Earth of the corruption and to recover the missing stones. Along the way you will need to kill enemies, pick up points, reach checkpoints, and get ammo.

At the beginning of the game you will start out with three hits. Every time you touch a bad guy, you lose one hit. After you kill a boss, if your point tally is over the quota for that world you will reach a bonus stage. After touching an enemy, you will flash and they will disappear, momentarily. You have to get out of that area though, because they will reappear, and you will get hit again if you're not careful.

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