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Version: 2.01   (version history)
Date: June 25, 1997

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Author: Spectrum Pacific Publishing

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Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine Description

Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine Free Download.

Yendorian Tales: The Tyrants of Thaine is the next chapter in the fantasy role-playing Yendorian Tales saga that picks up where Chapter 2 left off.

In your first adventure the orb of Zamor was stolen by the evil wizard Paltivar. Although the appearance of Paltivar is imminent, there are more urgent matters in Thaine. Guided by the Society of Wizards, you will journey to the distant continent of Thaine. There, in an attempt to restore the peace, you must face the evil monarchs who rule their kingdoms with an iron fist.

The game uses the same engine as Chapter 2 with the following changes: food is now kept as a quantity like gold, magic spells have been streamlined to only require one reagent, and upper and lower body armors have been combined into a single piece. All of the graphics and sound effects have been improved, and there are more monsters, characters, and items to find.

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