MechWarrior 3

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Size: 34.65 MB
Date: April 02, 1999
License: Free To Try
OS: Windows
Author: Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

Publisher's Description

MechWarrior 3 is the sequel to MechWarrior 2 in which you pilot giant, heavily-armored war machines.

The Inner Sphere's long awaited counter-attack against the vicious Smoke Clan Jaguar rages on, but the enemy isn't willing to lay down and die. On a world with the ironic name of 'Tranquil', one of the last ranking Smoke Jaguar Star Colonels is preparing a bastion for his Clan to lick its wounds and prepare its vengeance.

Your mission is to conduct a high-impact commando raid on Tranquil and destroy its usefulness as a base of operations before the enemy has a chance to dig in. The tricky part is that the Jaguars know they're beaten and, honorable or not, they're going to try everything to see that they get their shot at vengeance against the Inner Sphere.

The game features different Mech Chassis, devastating weapons, cockpit and external views, a full range of sensor equipment, detailed indoor and outdoor environments, heat management, battle salvage, and more.

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