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Version: 1.50   (version history)
Date: August 24, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author:, LLC

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Deep Wars Description

Deep Wars Free Download.

Some games have it and some games don't. They can hide behind impressive 3-D graphics, play off the reputation of their high profile publisher, or they can even copy last months big hit, but there is no substitute for excellent gameplay. In that respect, Deep Wars does indeed have it, and a whole lot more! Deep Wars is a retro styled arcade game with respect to its basic concept and platform.

However, with a complex story line and remarkably easy to learn yet original gameplay, Deep Wars offers more than the average paint-by-numbers arcade game. Without the excessive violence that seems to run rampant in today's games, Deep Wars is creative, challenging, and fun down to the last level! Deep Wars is suitable for all audiences and skill levels, as there are 4 difficulty levels to choose from. With 40 challenging levels, over 15 kinds of enemies, and an ultra-ambient soundtrack, even the most jaded of gamer's are sure to get lost in the atmospheric world of Deep Wars.

In a world conquered by sea, the Evil Professor Jean de Stroyvr has created an army of biomechanoid sea creatures to attain ultimate power. With no dry land in sight, scattered remnants of humanity struggle for survival in depressurized domes in the depths of the sea, oblivious to The Evil Professors plans. However, when the Professor creates the Slaver, his wretched tool for the destruction of mankind, there is a problem. The Slaver develops a conscience, and now it is fighting to save humanity.

Can you help save mankind from the clutches of The Evil Professor? Commandeer the Slaver, a complex biomechanoid with a split personality and function as you set off to defend humanity! Set in an aquatic, neo-gothic world, Deep Wars will have you up for hours as you defeat wave after wave of the Professors evil minions, and ultimately The Evil Professor himself. Sound simple enough? It is! But that simple principle makes for some remarkably addictive gameplay!!

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