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Date: May 14, 2004

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Lunar Globe Description

Lunar Globe Free Download.

Lunar Globe gives you a chance to explore the Moon virtually. You will be able to see lunar sphere, lunar formations and other lunar objects with no using astronomical telescope. "Virtually" - means that you can choose by yourself objects that you would like to see, you can control your virtual position of view. You will be able to look through the virtual map of lunar craters with the help of dynamic interface of the Lunar Globe.

From the one hand, we tried to include historical facts, which can be used as referral information. From the other hand Lunar Globe gives you an opportunity to see few earth-machines, which were launched to the moon and which were landed successfully. Those machines are staying there since the "lunar race" was stopped.

Certainly this opportunity is very limited and doesn't give us full real picture of it - because it is based on virtual computer imitation, but sometimes it is the only one way to reach other worlds. The Moon - is one of those worlds that are almost unachievable for usual travelers. Lunar Globe - is one of the many doors that lead to the Moon. Enjoy it!

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