Battle Packman

Version: 1.12   (version history)
Size: 3778KB
Date: December 30, 2003
License: Free To Try $11.95
OS: Win 95/98/2000/XP
Author: ParsecSoft, LLC

Publisher's Description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Battle Packman.
Enjoy the REAL 3D scene and professionally animated characters in this Pacman-like arcade game. Lead your hero through the maze and collect crystals, but be careful: bad opponents will try to stop you. The full version offers over 40 imaginative levels with power shields, swords, speed bonuses and other features.

You will enjoy 3D graphic effects and wonderful sound score. Play through level after level, battle wily monsters (bloodless-for kids) and win! Unleash the power of your video accelerator and bring the stunning graphics to your computer. This game is the best in strategy with hand eye coordination and vivid graphics. It is great fun for all the family.

Your paradise city in the sky have attacked the enemies from infernal dungeons! They keep your friends in hostage! Rescue all blue pacmans. Collect all blue crystals on each level. The Blue crystals will allow you to shoot and do you strong!

Do not touch to red crystal - they will weaken you. Try to shoot red pacman and do not get under their shots. If you bigger then evil pacman - you can eat him. Use the crystal shots and sword against envoy of the hell and victory will be on your side!

These items appear on the playing field occasionally, and are well worth picking them up!
SWORD- You can eat any evil pacmen without a sword.
LIFE BONUS - +1 life.
SPEED BONUS - Lets you move faster.
SHIELD - All evil pacmen can't see and eat you.
Each evil pacmen has its own technique for chasing you.
Learning them can help you to avoid them.
Some bonuses will fall down to the same places to help you.

* 3D wonderful graphics
* PLAY over 40 imaginative levels
* Cool sound score
* Level code support
* User-friendly interface
* Lifetime technical support
...and much more.

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