Mutant Storm Free Download

Version: 1.39   (version history)
Date: August 17, 2004

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OS: Win 98/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: PomPom

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Mutant Storm Description

Mutant Storm Free Download.

For shoot em up fans out there, this game is for you!
Set over 89 arenas, all rendered in state of the art graphics, this really is old school gameplay bought right up to date. The stunning award winning action is rendered using the very latest 3D technology, inlike anything else you'll play.

Latest features:-
Support for our level editor! Play custom mission packs created by players from all over the world.
Full mouse & keyboard support.
Online highscore tables. Try and compete with our champions!

PCgamer Game of Distinction
GameTunnel Game of the Year
Nominated for the Edinburgh Games Festival Game of the Year.

Mutant Storm keywords: robotron, arcade, shoot, em, up, blast, smash, tv, laser, classic, retro, action

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