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Version: 9.02.00   (version history)
Date: October 03, 2005


OS: Win 95/NT
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Author: Lottery Hits

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MaxHitFree Description

MaxHitFree Free Download.

Free Lotto Software with PROVEN systems - no ads, no nags, no time-out. MaxHitFree will automatically test 100s of systems on YOUR lotto game, calculate what they REALLY won in the past, and display the Top10 winners *** BEFORE you bet any money *** examine the past results for all 10 systems and play with the best.No lists or charts to examine - MaxHitFree will examine the past history for you and predict the numbers to play - you can play the SAME numbers every draw or have a DIFFERENT set predicted for them.

MaxHitFree uses 100s of systems so that it can check a wide range of predictions. It doesn't ASSUME that one wheel size is the best ... it tests a range of them ... it doesn't ASSUME that one prediiction method is the best ... it tests several of them ... it doesn't ASSUME what size of past history is the best for examining ... it tries a range of them.Each system is tested on past draws to see what it won and therefore has a past history.

The systems with the best past history are placed in a Top10 list for you to examine. You select the one that looks most promising and use it to fill out your bet slips.Official games are included in the program and the past history can be updated.

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