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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: September 21, 2009


OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: Canfield Solitaire Games

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Canfield Solitaire Description

Canfield Solitaire Free Download.

Canfield Solitaire is a solitaire card game based on Canfield Solitaire.

Canfield Solitaire is a very difficult solitaire game, because it was originally created to play in a casino.

The casino owner Richard Canfield, would sell a pack of cards for playing Canfield to a gamer for $50, and pay the player $5 for each card moved into the foundations. For traditional Canfield Solitaire, the average number of cards moved to the foundations was 6, paying the player $30 and letting the house keep $20.

In Rainbow Canfield Solitaire the rules of the game are slightly different giving the player a better chance of winning. In Rainbow Canfield Solitaire, the player deals cards from the deck one at a time instead of 3 at a time, giving him a much better chance of completing the game.

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