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Date: March 05, 1997

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Author: Edmark

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Jungle Chess Description

Jungle Chess Free Download.

Jungle Chess is an exciting board game played against a friend that challenges your strategic thinking skills.

To win at Jungle Chess, you must use strategy to keep your pieces from being captured or getting caught in traps in the jungle. Each player begins with one each of the following pieces: rat, cat, wolf, dog, panther, tiger, lion, and elephant. These pieces have values of 1 through 8, respectively. Taking turns, you and your opponent move a piece one square, either horizontally or vertically. To capture an opponent’s piece, move onto a square occupied by that piece. A piece can only be captured by another piece with an equal or greater value. The only exception to this rule is the elephant, which can be captured by the rat as long as the rat isn’t jumping from a water square. When you capture a piece your piece animates into the animal it represents and makes realistic sounds.

If a piece lands in a trap, it can be captured by any of the opponent’s pieces. Only the rat can occupy a water square. While it is in the water, the rat can be captured only by the opponent’s rat. Only the tiger and the lion can jump over water. If they jump over water and land on an opponent’s piece of equal or lesser value, that piece is captured. You win the game by moving one of your pieces into your opponent’s den or by capturing all of your opponent’s pieces.

This 2-player version of Jungle Chess is one of the three fun games in 'Strategy Challenges Collection 2: In the Wild'. For ages 9 to adult.

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