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Date: December 21, 1999


OS: Windows
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Author: Camelot Software

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Merlin '99 Description

Merlin '99 Free Download.

Merlin '99 is an emulation of the popular handheld 70's toy that consumes way less batteries than the original.

In 1978, Parker Brothers introduced 'Merlin', a handheld game that plays six different games of chance, strategy memory logic and skill through the use of light and sound. The original Merlin was in the shape of a telephone and had a ravenous appetite for batteries. Merlin '99 has the same great look and gameplay, but can't get lost in the toy chest after a week.

As you compete with him, you'll discover that Merlin is very talkative. He speaks with a unique vocabulary of 20 electronic sounds. With these sounds he challenges you to a game, responds to your moves, and tells you when you've won, lost or tied. It won't take you long at all to become familiar with each of Merlin's sounds. Lights are part of the action, too! As you play you'll see that Merlin uses lights to keep track of your moves, to show you your score, and to remind you, when you've finished playing, that you haven't yet turned him off.

Merlin plays six games:

Tic-Tac-Toe - Merlin's aggressive tactics will keep you on your toes in this famous strategy game.

Music Machine - Teach Merlin to play a tune of up to 48 notes and rests.

Echo - Repeat a tune of random notes that Merlin teaches you.

Blackjack 13 - Merlin is the dealer in this computerized version of the classic card game.

Magic Square - Try to form a square of 8 lights. This electronic puzzle changes constantly as you play.

Mindbender - Discover the computer's mystery number. This game of logic is the ultimate challenge to win you'll have to read Merlin's mind!

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