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Version: 2.1   (version history)
Date: May 12, 2000


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Phil Moore

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WordFinder Description

WordFinder Free Download.

WordFinder is a general dictionary search program aimed at word game players.

WordFinder allows you to search for words using a variety of techniques and has a simple and consistent interface. It is based upon the internationally recognized word lists approved by Scrabble clubs in the majority of English speaking countries.

The dictionary contains over 200,000 words, and there is the ability to include or exclude words which are primarily considered to be American or British only.

Wordfinder features the ability to search for: anagrams, pattern matches, words containing certain letters, all the words which can be made from certain letters, words with predominantly vowels or consonants, and words which contain a 'Q' not followed by a 'U'.

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