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Version: 4.0   (version history)
Date: April 24, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: LeMonds Software

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Word Blast Description

Word Blast Free Download.

Word Blast is a Hangman type game to help children enhance their vocabulary and spelling skills.

The player tries to guess a word letter-by-letter, as in the game of Hangman. When a letter is correctly guessed, it is displayed in its position(s) in the word. Otherwise, a segment of the fuse leading to a bundle of dynamite 'burns'. If the word is completed before 10 incorrect guesses, then the player wins the game and receives an audio compliment. If  not, then the dynamite 'explodes'. Children rarely lose a game since the definition of the word may be viewed before the fuse burns completely.

The game may be played either in the blast mode (described above), or in the vocabulary-builder mode, in which the definition of the word is displayed from the outset. The vocabulary-builder mode makes the game easier for young children, and helps teach the meanings of the words on their weekly vocabulary lists from school. You can easily add/edit new words and their definitions. A test may also be taken, in which the computer cycles sequentially or randomly through a word list until all the words in the list have been presented once to the player.

The game also includes a Word Find game, which involves searching for words hidden in an array of letters.

The program comes with a word list containing over 1700 words and their definitions.

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