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Version: 1.0.0   (version history)
Date: February 11, 2005

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HappyBee! Description

HappyBee! Free Download.

HappyBee! is puzzle/logic game. In the playing window there are two tables. Each table has 20 fields. Top table is controlled and the problem to solve is on it. You can''t move figures on this table. Bottom table is a game table and there you could try to solve puzzle that is presented on the top table.

The aim is to get same picture as it is on top table. As you can see, on top table, all figures have not the same color of their background. Only the figures that are on their own places (fields), have white background. Those that are not on their own place, have the color of background as it is on bottom table. To solve the puzzle (to reach next level) we have to put all figures on their own places. How we do that?

We do it by moving figures on bottom table. The cursor is represented with yellow dashed rectangle. On normal level we can move cursor wherever we want. And if we press OK button, all figures that surround our targeted figure, will rotate in right for one place. So, you only have to think fast, make moves and rotations until you solve the puzzle! If you solve it, top table gives you another task to solve, and you get extra time to solve it. The end of the game is when the time is elapsed. And of course, if you chose hard level, you will experience real brain drilling :)

HappyBee! keywords: symbian, nokia, game, puzzle, board, logic, series60

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