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Version: 1.1.2   (version history)
Date: May 09, 2008

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OS: Win 98/2000/XP/Vista
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Darts Software

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Darts CLUB Description

Darts CLUB Free Download.

Let the computer do the math!

Darts CLUB calculates darts scores, gives darts tips and enforces darts rules automatically.

Just click on a wedge on the computer-drawn dartboard, and Darts CLUB will automatically calculate the points and deduct them from the balance. Close to finish?

Darts CLUB will give a darts tip, recommending a series of throws to achieve the best possible outshot.

Darts rules are more complex that many believe. 301 and 501, outshot and other rules make it tricky to calculate the exact score.

Darts CLUB helps darts enthusiast to better enjoy the game, removing the number fiddling from the process. Just throw darts and let the computer do the math!

Game organizers will certainly value the convenience of automated judging provided by Darts CLUB.

Being computer darts software, Darts CLUB is an incorruptible authority for the darts players, effectively enforcing all the darts rules of the game. The winner is determined automatically by the computer darts scorer, taking away any possible arguments.

Pub owners benefit from a much faster game turnaround and better player experience when using Darts CLUB in place of a chalkboard or a pen and paper.

Darts CLUB is extremely simple to use for a computer program.

A click on a large dartboard displayed on the computer screen is the only action needed to calculate current score and receive a suggestion for a possible outshot.

Competitions and contests can't be considered complete without a computerized arbiter.

Darts CLUB accounts every single throw, keeps track of games and players, keeps statistics and calculates high and average performance for every player.

Darts CLUB is an ideal tool for sports clubs with the long-term commitment to darts.

The program stores player profiles, avatars and performance on the computer forever making it a perfect companion to darts enthusiasts. Download your copy of Darts CLUB from

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