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Version: 1.02   (version history)
Date: May 10, 2009

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Sandy Cristel's Lenormand Oracle Description

Sandy Cristel's Lenormand Oracle Free Download.

Discover what the future has in store with Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle. Lenormand Oracle cards are easier to read than the Tarot yet provide greater depth and accuracy.

This program combines a comprehensive tutorial with interactive learning aids and layouts.

* Learn individual card meanings - display the cards one by one with keywords and suggested interpretations for each card.

* Study the cards - display a single card to study its symbolism and form your own interpretation.

* Learn the meaning of card combinations - display pairs of cards together with a suggested interpretation of their combined meaning.

*Consult the oracle - choose one of four predefined layouts:
-Single card for a daily reading or to answer a question;
-Three card past, present and future;
-Nine card layout containing all the information needed for most readings;
-The Grand Tableau, the most comprehensive Lenormand layout using all 36 cards of the pack;

Display the keywords and suggested interpretation of any card in a layout simply by hovering the mouse over the card and see its meaning in a pop-up window!* Display the meaning of any card combination in a layout in a pop-up window!* Automatically generate reports interpreting the spreads.* Print layouts and reports * Choose from seven beautiful card designs.* Spread your own layouts!

In the fully interactive mode you can shuffle the cards then spread them one at a time wherever you want to create your very own layout. Simply drag and drop the cards - you can even place cards on top of each other! Hover the mouse over any card and see its meaning displayed in a pop-up window.

And you can print your layout at any time!

Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle - fortune telling with cards the easy way!

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