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Version: 1.30   (version history)
Date: October 26, 2001

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OS: Windows
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Author: Alhademic Group

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A-MindPack Description

A-MindPack Free Download.

A-MindPack is a software bundle of 5 new and popular mind games from Alhademic Group. It includes advanced adaptations of: Alhademic Lines (as 'Get the line!'), Alhademic Balls (as 'Fast Balls'), Blocks eXterminator (as 'Crushing blocks'), Color Spreading (as 'Color Spreading' itself) and unique Slide Up! game which could be found a bit similair for well-known 'Fifteen' game. These games offer comprehensive set of teasers for your mind. Follow further...
As any Alhademic Lines player as you are able to send your result to the TopChart. Another classical game with some inventions 'Fast balls' has three different games inside actually: Caving, Swapping and Knight path. These games are all timed games, and there is need to play fast as smart.
Next follow our original games. One of them is the'Crushing blocks'. There is you need to find crafty tricks to get couple colored balls together and thus way to exterminate them all from a board. We have developed 'Color Spreading' game in try to find exciting game with simplest rules: try to arrange balls on same-colored cells via moving ones to nearby cells. As our users reported, we've got it!
And now it's time to present our ultimate development: 'Slide Up!' game. In remembering happy reactions on the 'Color Spreading', we've got another try to create cool, but simple thing.
Each game in pack has skinnable interface that allows you using several backgrounds, objects to play and animation speed even. Besides, each game can be tuned for desired level: beginner, intermediate or expert. As pleasant addition, some sound effects and 20 original MIDI files are included to help you to relax more. Numerous highly detailed top-charts are assigned for competition between players or personal players' perfection.
Have an excellent time with this entertainment package and get mind games all-in-one!

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