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Version: 1.70 (New Year Edition)   (version history)
Date: December 09, 2001

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Olga & Oleg Kopiev

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Incredible Pipeline Description

Incredible Pipeline Free Download.

Incredible Pipeline is a straight forward logic game. The idea is to assemble solid pipelines. All the pipe pieces are in the correct place, but they may have been turned by 90 , 180 or 270 degrees. To turn a piece of pipe, click the LEFT mouse button. The pipe will be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees. Trere are four levels of difficulty - Beginner, Master, Professional and Expert. IncrediblePpeline includes 4 game skins and sound effects. If your finishing time (displayed on the title bar of the game window) is amongst the best for this level, you will be able to enter your name in the Top Ten Pipeliners. Your previous scores will also be shown.

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