AardWord Crossword Word Searcher (UK Edition) Free Download

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Date: September 09, 2001

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Author: AardAsNails Software

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AardWord Crossword Word Searcher (UK Edition) Description

AardWord Crossword Word Searcher (UK Edition) Free Download.

At last an easy-to-use dictionary searcher for crossword enthusiasts. Find words to fit any pattern within seconds. Simply write in the letters you know, and use a hyphen "-" for the letters you don't know. For example: type in "--A-PL-" and the AardWord search will give you "EXAMPLE", "GRAPPLE", "KNAPPLE", "REAPPLY", "SCAPPLE", "SHARPLY", "TRAMPLE" and "WHAMPLE". AardWord UK Edition comes with the UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary (UKACD) - specially compiled for crosswords and with over 230,000 entries. All forms of each word are listed (e.g. run, runs, running, ran, etc.), including obscure plurals (e.g. phylum - phyla), as well as Places: (Cevennes, Bethlehem, Lambeth Palace, Pakistan) People: (Chabrol, Abbot and Costello, Prince Harry) Sayings: (A stitch in time saves nine) Scientific and Medical Terms: (centimetre-gram-second, choroiditis, pseudohexagonal symmetry) Things: (Abernethy biscuit, Aberdeen Angus, pak-choi cabbage, Quality Street, veggieburger) Phrases: (A bit of all right) Institutions, etc.: (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Daily Telegraph) Titles: (Abide with me, A Comedy of Errors, Star Trek, Velvet Underground) Quotes: (C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas le guerre - Age cannot whither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety - Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio) etc. etc....

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