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Date: November 16, 2009

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forecastgame Free Download.

Do you worry about your economic ? Do you want to know the future of yourself ? Maybe this software which from China could help you !

After more than one years hard work, I Ching Prediction Game finally meets us. This flash game totally derives from Chinese classical prediction theory, and can operate on either a mobile phone which supports flash, or a desktop computer.

I means medical care. It can solve confusion in our daily life and release sadness. Therefore, according to I Ching, to hold optimistic attitude, predict life, and do not worry about anything.

By forecasting tools, you can also have fun with it. Although the author calls it a game, the software should be called assisted decision-making procedure, which can generally predict the direction of development.

This may sound weird, but it has theoretical basis for prediction, and is the accumulation of the predecessors experience. It has been proved by practice, and has unknown science of traditional Chinese thoughts.

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